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The One with Melissa

The Back Office Podcast // Episode 4:

The Essence of Automated Sales & Marketing

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Show Notes:

In this episode, Lyra sits down with Melissa Joan, an Automated Sales Coach who specializes in propelling WOC online business owners to achieve six-figure sales and beyond. The duo deep dives into Melissa’s unique approach, breaking down the essence of automated sales and marketing. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • β€’ Melissa’s story behind the success and an understanding of her unique service offerings.

  • β€’ The Role of an Automated Marketing and Sales Coach:

  • β€’ A Peek into Melissa’s Daily Operations. Discover how her business functions daily, her operational strategies, and the support systems she relies on as a coach.

  • β€’ Get an insider’s view of the unique steps every client undergoes, and why each of these steps is critical to success.

  • β€’ Melissa shares her gold-standard practices to ensure every client gets the unparalleled service they signed up for.

  • β€’ Tips and practices that Melissa swears by to ensure both she and her team operate at peak efficiency.

  • β€’ Melissa’s trusted systems that fuel her business, ranging from SOPs, automated client check-ins, to her cherished Sunday planning routine.
  • β€’ Real-life results and benefits seen in terms of client delivery due to the meticulous systems in place.

  • β€’ What truly makes a stellar client experience.

  • β€’ Melissa’s top components for crafting a robust and efficient business system.

Key Takeaways:

  • β€’ In a saturated coaching market, differentiating through enhanced client experience is important in order to stand out.

  • β€’ For a business system to be successful, it must be impactful, simple, and streamlined across three main pillars: marketing, sales, and client delivery.

  • β€’ Best practices from the corporate world, especially around automation and systems, can be effectively adapted for online businesses.

  • β€’ Regular feedback from clients is essential to identify and fill gaps in business systems and ensure optimal client experiences.

  • β€’ Business processes won’t be perfect from the outset. Entrepreneurs should be ready to start somewhere, refine as they go, and be prepared for quick adjustments.

  • β€’ Aligning marketing and sales efforts is crucial, as they should function hand-in-hand for maximum business efficiency.

  • β€’ Unlike in the corporate sector, online business owners can quickly implement and test new strategies, allowing for prompt adjustments and innovations.

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