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Social Media Management: Moonbay Marina Waterpark

Platform: Facebook

Moonbay Marina Waterpark is the first Waterpark in Zambales, Philippines. I was part of the pioneering team who opened this waterpark and the experience was super awesome! During this time, I started the use of social media platforms to reach our local audience allowing us to keep our advertising costs down and ditch the traditional paid advertising channels, like radio, OOH ads, print, etc.

Eventually, I transitioned to remote work and kept working with them by handling their Facebook account.

We started with having a local following of 3,000+ and 3 years after, our following has increased to 17,000+.

Project Scope:
– Creating Editorial Calendar
– Caption Copywriting
– Crafting post designs
– Inbox management
– Comment management
– Occasional setting up of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Special Project:
– Implementing automated customer service through Facebook messenger. This allows us to instantly attend to over 50 inquiries on a daily basis. Since our customer base do check rates prior to visiting the waterpark, having instant answers to their inquiries has helped increase the visit rate/sales conversion.

Implementing automated customer service had helped us build a messenger list with 4000+ audience with a very impressive 100% delivery rate, 99.8% open rate, and 77.4% click rates. (well, I guess, it’s not easy to ignore the messenger notification! 😏). Occasionally we are utilizing this list is to send out promotions, updates, and announcements, allowing us to tap 4,000+ customer base at once!

  • This project includes Integrating ManyChat to FB Messenger, setting up the automated flow, and copywriting for scripts.

Visit their website here.
Need help in managing your social media? Work with Me.

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