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Project Management: SeaFoam Media & Technology

Seafoam Media and Technology is a San Francisco based agency that provides end-to-end services to blockchain companies. From whitepapers, press releases, and web and app development.

My role as a Project Manager:

  • Managing and supporting ~20 in-house team members and contractors
  • Facilitating client-team communications
  • Assist the CEO for her speaking engagement requirements
  • QA deliverables

What is it like to work with me? Hear it from the CEO & Co-founder herself:

Lyra was an incredible asset to our team. As a project manager, she took the reins on everything from communications between clients and contractors to helping QA work on ongoing projects, helping set up our Squarespace site, helping create graphics and update our social media, keeping our PM tools up to date, helping with sales prospecting, and more. She’s a joy to work with and I hope to work with her more in the future! 

β€” Rhiannon Payne
CEO & Co-Founder, SeaFoam Media & Technology

Special Projects:

  • – Implemented Project Management System

When I started with SeaFoam Media, all the communications were done through Slack, including the task delegation.
Upon being hired, I immediately set up Trello based on the accounts we are managing and rolled out the use of it so we can easily track each task’s progress and to have an easier collaboration. This way the tasks don’t get lost in the conversation. I’ve also assisted the team as they integrate the use of Trello in their day to day workflow.
This resulted in improved project management and collaboration. Tasks are no longer slipping through the cracks and communication doesn’t get lost in the channels anymore. Through these systems we were able to handle the increasing workload and was able to do a smarter task delegation.

  • – Website Updating + Email Automation

I facilitated the website updating as we launch new offers and added more team members. We’ve also added email pop-ups and created a series of email automation. This allows us to keep automate our email updates for our clients and audience.

  • – Created Slide Decks for Speaking Engagement & Presentations
  • – Created Presentation decks for clients
  • – Managed Social Media Accounts

Visit SeaFoam Media & Technology’s Website here.
Need help managing your growing team? Work with me and allow yourself to focus on bringing in more clients and sales!

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