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The One with Melissa

The Back Office Podcast // Episode 4: The Essence of Automated Sales & Marketing Listen on Apple Podcast: Show Notes: In this episode, Lyra sits down with Melissa Joan, an Automated Sales Coach who specializes in propelling WOC online business owners to achieve six-figure sales and beyond. The duo deep dives


The One with Tools of Trade

The Back Office Podcast // Episode 3: The Blueprint for Operational Mastery Listen on Apple Podcasts: Show Notes: In Episode 3 of The Back Office Podcast, Lyra takes you on a deep dive into the crucial element of business operations β€” the tools and systematic processes. What You’ll Learn: Key


The One with the Work-Life Balance

The Back Office Podcast // Episode 2: Debunking Myths for Entrepreneurs Listen on Apple Podcasts: Work-life balance paints a picture of a perfect equilibrium, where work and life are separate entities that should balance out.  But is it really that black and white? As business owners, can our lives actually


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Two Minute Lunch Break on Tuesdays is your weekly insight into the bustling back office of 6 to multi 6-figure coaching businesses.

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