Job Title:

Executive VA (Virtual Assistant)

Location: Work from home (with scheduled in-person work sessions)

Job Type: Full time (open for those who wants to start part time first)

Compensation: ₱18,000 (for full time role)

Job Overview:

We are on the lookout for an exceptionally organized, problem-solving, and get-sh*t-done Executive VA (Virtual Assistant) to provide comprehensive support to our CEO.

This role is really important as it involves client and team communications, record-keeping and documentation, inbox management and task overview.

Ideally, we’re looking for someone with lots of initiative who can manage multiple tasks, organize workflows, and deal with day-to-day problems that may occur.


About The Homebased Worker: 

The Homebased Worker is an End-to-End Operational Support Agency who are supporting women entrepreneurs in their online operations through systems, automations, data, and execution. Our team prioritizes marketing-centric operations that are actually scaleable.

You're the perfect Executive VA (Virtual Assistant) we're looking for if ...

  • You’ve got the experience. If you’ve already slayed it as an executive assistant or aced similar roles before where you’ve supported top-tier management to make life easier for the team, you might be the right fit for us.
  • You’ve got the work ethic. It’s simple with you. If you do what you say you will, and everyone can count on that. If your word is your bond, and your reliability is something we can all hold you to. Then, you’ll be a perfect fit here.
  • You’re an organizational wizard.  If your organizational and time management skills are exceptional that it leaves your friends and family in awe. If you actually want to be in fast-paced environments and you have this uncanny ability  to know where everything is, or where to find any piece of information, It’s almost like magic! 🤯 You might just be who we are looking for!
  • You love solving problems. Are you someone who’s always one step ahead when it comes to expecting challenges? If you have a knack for untangling our day-to-day knots and are good at having plans B, C and even Z, you’re the right person for us.
  • You are a great COMMUNICATOR. If you believe in the power of clear and effective messaging and you can articulate ideas and information like a pro then we’re confident that you’ll be able to connect with the team as well as connect them with each other seamlessly. 
  • You love all things tech and is undeniably tech-savvy. No need to be a genius coder, but if it’s easy for you to understand and use common online software and are able to troubleshoot, that’s definitely a plus.
  • You have great research skills. Everyone knows how to Google, but if you’re someone who knows how to dig deep to find out useful information especially when it comes to reports, data sourcing and what not, you’re gonna be great here.
  • You’re able to comprehend. This opportunity requires a lot of reading between the lines and quick understanding of tasks, needs and requirements so if you’re one to get things really easily, that would be great! We value individuals who are meticulous in their reading and take the initiative to clarify or learn as needed.
  • You can keep shushh in handling confidential information with discretion. This speaks for itself but if you can be like a vault of important info and you can handle that, you’re gonna do just fine
  • You hate being micromanaged.  If you’re someone who’s able to finish tasks or resolve issues with minimal supervision and don’t need a lot of back-and-forth guidance, that’d be great! Someone who’s resourceful and keeps the flow of things smooth and calm is such a welcome member of the team.
  • You live in the growing metropolis of Olongapo City. This one’s optional but a lot of them are either from or live in the Olongapo / Subic areas. In-person meets are easier and connections just run deeper lol.

You will love working with us if you're looking ...

  • To be surrounded by people who are go-getters, good at what they do and have aspirations to grow and open up opportunities for themselves.
  • To be part of a millennial / gen-z team who understands all the traumas you have gone through and also understands that we clock-off and that’s normal and necessary.
  • For flexibility! Got a bank appointment at 2pm? Need to run to the supermarket real quick? You can just go and be back later and people won’t make it a big deal for you.
  • To learn and have the opportunity to actually practice what you are learning. Half of the things we do are things we’re also learning along the way.
  • You want a job that can actually pay the bills. We try our best to offer decent pay and better pay than if you’re working in your 9-5 and having to go on-site and lose your flexibility.

You will be supporting our CEO, Lyra

Our Chief Problem Solver and the beating heart of The Homebased Worker.

A former ‘one-woman’ team who scaled and now leads a 6-figure Online Business Management/End-to-End Operations Support Agency, Lyra has gone from being a corporate girlie to remote employee, and now a full-pledged remote business owner who has built the company from her kitchen counter, which inspired the name “The Homebased Worker”.

With almost a decade of experience managing remote teams, building systems, and scaling businesses, Lyra knows the ins and outs of operational excellence like the back of her hand and has been continuously instilling this expertise into every member of our team.

As Lyra and The Homebased Worker continues to grow, she needs YOUR help simplifying her role so that she can focus on growing the company and set up bigger opportunities for the team – all while you’re keeping things going – smoothly – in the background.

Do you just feel like this role is for you?

If you’re interested and QUALIFIED, here’s how you can apply.

  • Prepare a 3-5 minute video explaining why you are perfect for the job.
  • Your MBTI results (take yours here: CLICK THIS LINK
  • CV with verifiable references.
Please upload these in a Google Drive Folder and paste the link in the form below. 

Before you spend time filling up this questionnaire, please make sure that you have read through the job posting.

If you have any questions, please email us at yellow@thehomebasedworker.com first, filling up this questionnaire will take time and I would like you to make sure that this will be something you are excited about.

Our goal is to find someone who aligns with our personal vision, work ethics, and goals.

Completing this questionnaire will help both of us make sure that working together is a good idea.

We suggest to fill up this form in its entirety in one sitting.

Fill up the form below to apply

We appreciate you filling up this application, if you *COMPLETED* this questionnaire and we are *CONVINCED* that you 'thoughtfully' answer them, our team will incentivize you for trying and taking your time to do so.
However, it should be (1) completed, and (2) the team should be convinced that you take your time to think through your answers, so not all applications will qualify.
To reiterate, this is what the process looks like:

1. Answer the questions and you should be able to receive an update from me within a week if we will be moving forward or not.
2. We’ll set up a call to do a vibe-check, we wanted to make sure that working together is exciting for both of us.
3. If you passed both stages, I’ll let you know via email.
If you're already happy with your answers, please click submit.
But if you're not yet confident with your answers, please go back, read through them, and update it until you're happy. There's no rush!