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I get it. You’re starting to be busy that some things are slipping through the cracks and you’re basically working day in and day out.

You’re holding back in growing your business, launching the next program, or even collaborations because your day-to-day is already so overwhelming as it is! All the efforts towards growing your business is being pushed back at the back burner because you’re drowning from all the work you could have delegated!

and there’s more! You’ve been missing out on quality time with your loveones because your business has consumed all your time and energy!


Let me remind you …




and being buried down with all your business’ back-end work is not part of your “why”.


so, why work with me?

I have been working remotely for almost 5 years and have always been working with the company owners, managed and built remote teams, and built systems and processes. It is safe to say that supporting entrepreneurs managing the backend of your business is my jam!

With a 100% satisfaction rate from all the people I’ve worked with I am confident that I can make your business “easier” for you — because that is what I have been doing ALL.THIS.TIME.

“I don’t just take the tasks off your hands but I also take the reins of the business and run it with you!”

Other than that, being a business owner myself, I do have a holistic understanding how to establish, run, and grow a business and a network of freelancers and contractors at my fingertips. Which is what you need!

what do my clients say


online business management


You might be wondering what is an online business manager .. I get you. Not everyone actually know what an online business manager is. No, it’s not a new thing that I just made up. In fact, online business managers are there since businesses have started to be available online.

Okay, so let me break it down for you.

Online Business Managers are the high-level virtual assistants in disguisse. Most entreprenuers thinks that they need a VA but in reality, they’re actually looking for an OBM or some virtual assistants doesn’t even know that they’re performing the role of an Online Business Manager

Online Business Manager is the one who …

… ✨ takes the reigns and run the online operations of your business, so you can step in the CEO role and scale your business.

… ✨ make sures that your systems and processes allows you and is ready as you scale.

… ✨ your behind-the-scenes superstar who breaks down your big ideas to action plans and bring them to life.

Basically, your online business manager is your right-hand in your business.

So, if you’re looking to take the bigger role, focus on serving, creating, and scaling. Then you need an OBM by your side. To itemize some things down, here are a few things that an OBM can cover (and so much more!) ⤸


business rescue

Best for Starting Coaches & Entrepreneurs who only needs to help in certain tasks and doesn't have enough workload for a part time role yet.
$ 500
  • 20 hours per month
  • 1x Check-in Call per month
  • Bi-weekly Reporting
  • Monthly Reporting

biz kickstarter

Best for Coaches & Entrepreneurs who is ready to delegate, start building the systems, and build a team.
$ 1500
  • 15 hours per week
  • Bi-Weekly Check-in Calls
  • Bi-Weekly Reporting
  • Monthly Reporting

biz take over

Best for Coaches & Entrepreneurs who is ready to take their hands off the Operations and start building a team.
$ 2700
  • 30 hours per week
  • Weekly Check-in Calls
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Monthly Reporting

social media management


I have been living and breathing social media for the longest time. I have been a Social Media Manager for local hometown brands before it’s even a thing!

The Homebased Worker and so are my other “side-hustles” (because we all need one right? lol!)  have been generating revenues and clients off social media. I can go on and on how social media has been helpful for me, getting clients, how important social media nowadays for every business.

The thing with Social Media is this … it sounds so easy!

But really, it is not, you have to work on your copy, designs, engagement, and be freaking consistent in showing up. And that is a lot of work, tedious, and time consuming. I know you agree, otherwise, what will you be doing in here, reading this, right?

While, I can’t take all the social media work off your hands, (well, I still need you to be on stories, show up your expertise, and the likes) but I promise you I can take all the heavy work off your hands.

I take the time analyzing your goals, offerings, and your voice, tone, and personality and make sure it reflects to our social copy. Work on the designs that fits your brand and I take the time profiling your “ideal clients” and genuinely engage to your audience. I take pride in executing genuine engagements and cultivating genuine connections. (As if you’re the one engaging.)


social engager

Best for coaches & entrepreneurs who enjoys doing the social media content and designs themselves but finds no enough time to do the engagement.
$ 250
  • 15 hours of Instagram Engagement
  • FREE Hashtag Research
  • Monthly Reporting

social manager

Best for coaches & entrepreneurs who wanted to take their hands off from the nitty-gritty social media tasks. Package includes, copy writing, design, & engagement.
$ 500
  • 15 hours of Instagram Engagement
  • Graphic Design for Social Media Content
  • Content Creation (4x post/week)
  • FREE Hashtag Research
  • Monthly Reporting

None of the packages fits your needs? 
Let’s hop in a call and I’ll promise that I’ll come up with the help you need.
(even if that means, we’re won’t be working together!)